Thursday, March 21, 2013

OCD SIMS 3; Chapter 1: Bookmarks/Favorites

        When I played The Sims 1 I didn’t have many downloads until the very end of it’s life. I quickly moved onto The Sims 2 with a brand new computer. It didn't even take me a week to learn how to customize my game. The objects in Sims 2 doesn't work like Sims 3 objects. Objects only had a few basic recolors. taught me how to change the coding to allow new recolors but it required having many files that only allowed extra recolors. If you wanted a red stove, you had to download a recolor from another simmer but sometimes that red wasn't the red you wanted. Three reds, four blues and more random color files would fill my Sims 2 folder. Then I was introduced to mods! Longer Sleep, Meals Anytime, Radios Don't Wake Sims! My game lagged and crashed. I couldn’t handle the clutter or the massive headache of trying to sort all the files.


Start Fresh.

So many hard to find files too!

        Since that day, I’ve become OCD with my Sims games. Folders, Subfolders, Updating, Finding tips on how to speed up my game. I’m going to pass on my tips to you!

Chapter 1: Bookmarks/Favorites

Folder – The Sims 3

          Sub-folders - 

  • Random SitesForeign sites, help sites or just whatever that never usually appear in the  daily site list.

  • ModsMods sites that don’t update daily but you will need when new patch releases.

  • Daily SitesKeep up with the newest Clothing and Mods coming out daily. (Best to check in the afternoon.) Sites I use:

§  Crazy Town-Sims AsylumModders; Bluegenjutsu, Chicken, Shimrod, Twoftmama
§  Mod the SimsA Little of Everything
§  My Sims 3 Blog - Daily Roundup
§  NRaasCore/Script Mods; Twallan
§  Sims 3 Updates - Daily Roundup
§  Sims VIP - News
§  Spring4Sims - Daily Roundup
§  The Sims Resource - A Little of Everything. Free items and Pay items.

Tip: Search for ‘Tumblr The Sims 3 Downloads’ and find more amazing uploaders.

  • Wait ListSim items I don’t currently need in game or items I just think is pretty and would never fit in my current game. Every few months I look back at those items and either delete or finally download.
  • Poses File PagesThe many great Poses for Pose Player I want to use/going to use. Pose Player is an item that freezes a Sim in a position for photos. I am OCD about this stuff too since there is sooo many. Never download like crazy! See Chapter __ for more info.
§  Wait List
§  Downloaded
§  Cataloged
Chapter 2 Coming Soon!

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